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Do you have questions?  Do you need more information?  Ready to take the next steps in a relationship with Jesus?
Email or Click this Link to complete a form for our team.

Ready to join our team?  Click this link to fill out the volunteer application OR check you're ready to serve on your Connection Card this Sunday!

welcometo gkidz

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve your child(ren)!  We believe every child is a perfect masterpiece, created unique and wonderfully by God!  We are determined to meet your child at their level and their needs in order to introduce them to a strong relationship with Jesus!  We want to partner with you to create an environment so fun and engaging kidz can't wait to come to church!



Are you ready to join Gkidz this Sunday?  Tackle the registration before service, click this link and tell us about your child.  You will be able to check in with a simple click on Sunday! (registrations received after noon on Saturday may not be uploaded by Sunday service!


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